Barbara Klunder at Textile Museum of Canada

September 17, 2015

Be sure to look for Barbara’s “Laura Secord” rug at the show!



Callin’ Cards

September 9, 2013

Steve Dunk designed a set of calling cards for The Innards Brothers. The “Brothers”, Tom and Tony, are a Toronto duo that play old-time, toe-tappin’, fiddle and guitar music. Letterpress printed with the help of Lunar Caustic Press.


Moving Carvings

November 22, 2012

Steve Dunk’s wood carvings in a little stop-motion, animated gif.

Blechman Traveling Announcement

November 5, 2012

Kids & Learning First Video by Jason Munger

June 20, 2012

Jason Munger does a great job of illustrating this Video. This is a Province multi-year plan from Nova Scotia that helps students succeed.  It’s worth a click.

Talent, Beauty, Jazz, Vinyl, Custom Type, and Letterpress!

June 1, 2012

Steve Dunk designs and prints an LP Sleeve for Alex Pangman‘s limited edition release of ’33’. Letterpress printed with the help of Lunar Caustic Press.

New Jamie Bennett Fashion Illustrations

May 15, 2012

Happy Happy Easter

April 5, 2012

The Secret Life of Money video – OWL Magazine

February 6, 2012

OWL Magazine reader Sophia gets all her money questions answered in this interview with The Secret Life of Money author Kira Vermond (with illustrations by Clayton Hanmer).

click on the image to link to the YouTube video.

Screen shot 2012-02-02 at 12.14.25 PM

Fox Bunnys…Elephant

July 5, 2011

Original painting on wood by Sylvie Thamsir.   Sylvie_bowtie Sylvie_sweettooth Sylvie_stopraining