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April 22, 2015

Art by Alexandra Iorgu.

Designing for Wine Country

January 6, 2015

Our esteemed designer Jess Keefer recently completed the CD-DVD-Booklet for Bill Russell’s Wine Country Tales.


Reactor’s new location.

May 5, 2014

After 32 years at 51 Camden Street, Reactor has moved to a new location at 340 Westmoreland Avenue North on the corner of Geary Avenue and Westmoreland Avenue North just north of Dupont. The telephone number is the same and the coffee is always fresh. We are here, it’s business as usual, so drop on by!


A Building of Many Things

April 8, 2014



Reactor Crew, Toronto Island 1989

December 5, 2013


Français by Alain Pilon

November 25, 2013


Halloween 1997

October 31, 2013

Back in the day, one Halloween Eve, the Reactorites were at the launch of Canada Post’s Halloween 1997 stamps. Louis Fishauf was the series art director and designer. Jamie Bennett, Simon Ng, Tom Hunt and Blair Drawson created art for the Werewolf, the Goblin, the Ghost and Dracula. City TV attended the launch of The Haunted Stamp collection at Reactor’s studio and featured an interview with Louis and a representative from Canada Post. The project included the four stamps, a first day cover featuring glow-in-the-dark illustrations by Jamie Bennett, and Haunted House commemorative packaging.


Clayton Hanmer, Reactor and Marshall Homes

October 29, 2013

Over the years, working with Paul Grissom of Grissom and Friends as creative director, and Steve Dunk as designer, the Reactor artists have created a lot of illustrations for Craig Marshall’s real estate developments. Here is some of Clayton Hanmer’s work on the current Marshall Homes web site. In the builder’s history section of the site, Steve decided to use a technique called parallel scrolling to combine photographs of the homes with illustrations to highlight the various neighbourhoods that Marshall Homes has built.


Download An Odd Sea

October 7, 2013

Written and illustrated by Blair Drawson and published by Reactor, the EPub book, An Odd Sea is available on Apple’s iTune Store in the iBook classics section.


An Odd Sea is a liberty-taking retelling of Homer’s classic. Blair turns a satirical eye on war, sex, identity, technology, misbehaving youth, and the follies of all-powerful gods. The novel is liberally illustrated throughout with Blair’s powerful images.


The Coming End Of BBQ Season

September 6, 2013


Meatscape, a new painting by Alena Skarina