Round Table Session at The Spoke Club

June 16, 2016

Here’s Clayton Hanmer graphically facilitating the DAC Group’s latest Toronto Round Table session at The Spoke Club.




William Street Beer Co. – The Dark Light Dark Ale

April 19, 2016

Love beer? Clayton Hanmer did this illustration for The Dark Light Dark Ale by William Street Beer Co.



Steve Driscoll print ad

November 4, 2013

This was a full page ad illustrated by Clayton Hanmer for Steve Driscoll, fine artist, in D’Art Magazine.


Clayton Hanmer, Reactor and Marshall Homes

October 29, 2013

Over the years, working with Paul Grissom of Grissom and Friends as creative director, and Steve Dunk as designer, the Reactor artists have created a lot of illustrations for Craig Marshall’s real estate developments. Here is some of Clayton Hanmer’s work on the current Marshall Homes web site. In the builder’s history section of the site, Steve decided to use a technique called parallel scrolling to combine photographs of the homes with illustrations to highlight the various neighbourhoods that Marshall Homes has built.


Clayton Hanmer illustrates Buckingham Palace

August 6, 2013

This double page spread was commissioned for National Geographic Kids Magazine, for the September 2013 issue. Another super amazing illustration by Clayton Hanmer.

Click on the image to enlarge it and really get a good look at all the little scenes within.

Reactor-ClaytonHanmer-CoolThings about Buckingham Palace

Clayton Hanmer

July 15, 2013

Check out the Dandyhorse display featuring Trio Magnus and CTON art at the TO Ref Library.

Clayton Hanmer comic mix-up fun.

June 21, 2013

Check out Clayton’s Corner page in the 2013 Special Summer issue of OWL magazine.  Out now.


Also in the Summer issue is Tracey Wood artwork for the Do it Yourself spread.


TRIO Magnus in Montreal

June 20, 2013

Clayton Hanmer, Aaron Leighton and Steve Wilson in Montreal 2013




Milk Heroes by Clayton Hanmer

June 19, 2013

Clayton was commissioned by Canadian Living Magazine (thank you Samantha Edwards) to do these two Milk Heroes, for the May 2013 issue for advertising promoting Milk within the Magazine. Clayton incorporated photos of a glass of milk and a carton of milk with his illustration to create the Milk SuperHeroes.



Grenville Mug!

April 26, 2013

Featuring artwork by Clayton Hanmer