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Vote Carlos Marrero

On Friday Carlos was honored to get a nomination for 2013’s MIAMI Sexiest Artist

Would you vote for him?

To Vote: Click on the image below to link to the website.

Click on 2013 Awards Nominees and scroll down to Sexiest Artist section

Click on tab under Carlos Marrero that says ‘Click Here to vote for Carlos Marrero’

You can vote for multiple nominees, but can not vote multiple times for the same nominee (So use another email! LOL)

Event will be covered by Telemundo 43 and NBC, and will be filmed into a One Hour Special.

++ If you cant figure it out, you can manually send an email to

Type on subject line “Carlos Marrero (Sexiest Artist nominee)“on the subject line to count as one vote


May 29, 2013

TinMan just wrapped a wee little project with Scofield Editorial <> for LabDoor <> . The spots a real Saul Bass kinda thing for this consumer app that provides product safety ratings and reviews.

TinMan did the designs and animation.  Click on the image and take a look.

August 30, 2012

Steve Dunk is a Juno Nominee

Laura Repo‘s new album, Get Yourself Home, has been nominated for Recording Package of the Year. Steve Dunk provided custom type for the album title and track listing. Design by the Production Kitchen. See more samples on their website here, and in this previous post on the reactor blog.

2012_JUNO_AWARD_NOMINEE LauraRepo_Front LauraRepo_Back


Jannie McInnes (Art Director), Robyn Kotyk, Graydon Sheppard, Sammy Rawal, Petra Cuschieri (Designers), Heather Goodchild (Illustrator) Arts&Crafts*EMI
Metals, FEIST
Jayme Spinks (Designer/Photographer), Paul Jerinkitsch (Imaging) Dinah Thorpe (Collaborator) Independent
Jeff Harrison (Designer), Kim Ridgewell (Illustrator) Nineteen- Eight*Independent
Rest of the Story – CHRIS TARRY
Kirsten Gauthier, Anthony Swaneveld (Art Directors), Anthony Swaneveld (Designer),
Steve Dunk
(Illustrator – Font), Janet Kimber (Photographer) Independent
Get Yourself Home LAURA REPO
Taylor Kirk (Art Director/Photographer), Robyn Kotyk (Designer), Nina Nielsen (Photographer) Arts & Crafts*EMI
Creep On Creepin’ On TIMBER TIMBRE
February 9, 2012