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Visit Studio And Check Out The Art

Reactor is featuring another show of great art at the studio. Works by Blair Drawson, Fiona Smyth, Tomio Nitto, Leslie Grigbsy and Lindsay Grigsby are featured.

Paintings by Blair Drawson and Fiona Smyth.

Paintings by Fiona Smyth.

Paintings by Fiona Smyth and Tomio Nitto.

Paintings by Tomio Nitto and Scuptures by Lindsay Grigsby.

Painting by Tomio Nitto.

Painting by Tomio Nitto.

Sculpture by Lindsay Grigsby.
Sculptures by Lindsay Grigsby.
Drawings by Fiona Smyth.

Drawings by Fiona Smyth.

Beaded sculptures by Leslie Grigsby.

Beaded sculptures by Leslie Grigsby.

November 30, 2012

Kitty helps Alëna Skarina work on a project at her desk.

November 27, 2012

Clayton does up a ‘GRAND’ mural

Clayton Hanmer was commissioned to hand Paint this artwork mural on the walls at GRAND studio on Queen Street West.


November 23, 2012

Moving Carvings

Steve Dunk’s wood carvings in a little stop-motion, animated gif.

November 22, 2012

Stephanie Power is in Best Health

Thank you to Art Director Josephine Woertman for commissioning Stephanie to do this full page illustration for the November 2012 issue of Best Health Magazine.

November 21, 2012

November 16, 2012

Clayton Hanmer talks Comics

At the CANSCAIP – Packaging Your Imagination conference November 10th, Clayton Hanmer talks ‘Using Comics to Communicate with Kids’.



November 14, 2012

Maurice Vellekoop goes to the TCAF Japan 2012 Exhibition with Koyama Press

Our very own Maurice Vellekoop is going to Japan with Koyama Press.



November 13th: En Masse Exhibition Design Festa Gallery, Harajuku (until November 15th)
November 15th: TCAF Presents: Canada Comic Arts, Original Art and Book Exhibition at Presspop Gallery, Parco Book Center (until December 2nd)
November 18th: Kaigai Manga Festa, Tokyo, Japan
November 18th (Evening): Comics ‘Talk Show’ and Reading, Presspop Gallery, Parco Book Center

Kaigai Manga Festa, Tokyo, Japan

Featuring The Toronto Comic Arts Festival & Canadian Authors

12 Canadian authors will participate in TCAF’s exhibition, with both books and visual arts on display. Authors include Rupert Bottenberg, Omar Dogan, Jeffrey Ellis, Agnes Garbowska, Dax Gordine, Love Love Hill (Collective featuring Wai Au, Kim Hoang, Julie Man), David Namisato, Benjamin Rivers, Miguel Sternberg, and Maurice Vellekoop.



November 13, 2012

The talk about Talk Talk is it’s out!

James Marsh’s Spirit of Talk Talk is available now. It’s a beautifully designed, richly illustrated book celebrating the music and art of the legendary British band, Talk Talk.

James Marsh has brought together all of the great cover art work that he produced for Talk Talk in the 80’s. The book feature James’ original cover art and concept sketches, hand written lyrics from Mark Hollis, Talk Talk’s lead singer, as well as various ephemera, posters, and related commentaries. The publisher, Rocket 88 created a website to about the book. Visit the Spirit of Talk Talk to purchase a copy.

November 12, 2012

Santa Cruz comes to Toronto

Bill Russell’s musician friend and collaberator Brian Gore will be performing in Toronto with his troupe of acoustic guitar musicians at Hank’s Room. Brian will perform  songs from Santa Cruz in Song and Image.

November 11, 2012