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Maurice Vellekoop shows his colours!

Five new pieces by Maurice on the decade’s hot topic.

MVGren #2

February 24, 2010

Carolyn Gowdy’s Shelves

For many years Carolyn has been creating wonderful sculptures as an extension of her illustrations.

Carolyn_Goudy_Playtime for Birds
Carolyn_Goudy_3D- Playtime for Birds

February 22, 2010

New Blair Drawson Web Site


This piece, titled “The Kiss Africain”, is featured in the erotic section of Blair Drawson’s new web site.

February 18, 2010

Rene Zamic Sculpture

Over the last few years Rene has been quietly experimenting with laser cut steel. Working with James McLeod of The SteelWorks, Rene has just completed this piece titled, “Happy Go Luckies”. The piece was intended as a ‘shippable sculpture”. The six-piece sculpture comes apart and fits into a standard Fedex tube for shipping.

HGLuckiesMetalFan1 HGLuckiesMetalFan2 HGLuckiesMetalFan3

February 16, 2010

Credit Card Art


James Marsh’s artwork has recently been featured on the new Cornercard launched internationally from Visa and Mastercard. You can see a preview of James’ cards here.

February 10, 2010

Web site commission


R.O. Blechman recently completed a commission for Metro Hort Group, an association of horticulture professionals practicing in the New York City and tri-state area. See the animation here.

February 8, 2010

Tomio Nitto writes…

Tomio Nitto writes a short art column for Bits Magazine, a free Japanese tabloid biweekly newspaper here in Toronto. He has been writing his column for the last three years, This article, number 37, is about Tomio’s visit to Push Pin Studio to meet Haruo Miyauchi. You can see the full article here. TN_Bits_article#2

February 5, 2010

Something old. Something new. Something borrowed. Something blue.


One-sixth plate Daguerreotype, circa 1850

Valentine illustration by Sylvie Thamsir for Parkway Mall.

The illustration was used in mall posters and ads.




2 inch copper advertising slug borrowed from Neil Wismayer at Lunar Caustic Press


One print of a Reactor letterpress edition of five erotic prints by Alena Skarina.
The edition is part of Reactor’s Mini Prints series. Each print is only 3” by 4”.

February 4, 2010