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Halloween 1997

Back in the day, one Halloween Eve, the Reactorites were at the launch of Canada Post’s Halloween 1997 stamps. Louis Fishauf was the series art director and designer. Jamie Bennett, Simon Ng, Tom Hunt and Blair Drawson created art for the Werewolf, the Goblin, the Ghost and Dracula. City TV attended the launch of The Haunted Stamp collection at Reactor’s studio and featured an interview with Louis and a representative from Canada Post. The project included the four stamps, a first day cover featuring glow-in-the-dark illustrations by Jamie Bennett, and Haunted House commemorative packaging.


October 31, 2013

Carolyn Gowdy does up a Pumpkin


Just Eat on Halloween

Clayton Hanmer was commissioned by Just Eat Canada to create these Halloween Monster foods, for use on Just Eat Canada Social Media sites. Click on the image and link to the Just Eat Facebook page.

JUST EAT presents: NIGHT OF THE LIVING FALAFEL starring SHAWARMBIE – the shawarma zombie and more of his food monster friends, delivered this Halloween with tricks and treats for all.

Clayton Hanmer, Reactor and Marshall Homes

Over the years, working with Paul Grissom of Grissom and Friends as creative director, and Steve Dunk as designer, the Reactor artists have created a lot of illustrations for Craig Marshall’s real estate developments. Here is some of Clayton Hanmer’s work on the current Marshall Homes web site. In the builder’s history section of the site, Steve decided to use a technique called parallel scrolling to combine photographs of the homes with illustrations to highlight the various neighbourhoods that Marshall Homes has built.


October 29, 2013

Kristine Schmitt and her Special Powers

Steve Dunk hand-lettered and printed items for Toronto based musician Kristine Schmitt, and her band the Special Powers. Business cards, a demo disc cover, small posters and handbills were used for promotion at this year’s Folk Music Ontario Conference. The conference is the key event for Ontario’s folk, roots, and traditional music community.

Steve also designed artwork for a stamp that was used to label the disks, and an ad promoting show times for the conference program.

Covers and cards letterpress printed with the help of Lunar Caustic Press.




October 28, 2013

Songboy Records

Logo designed by James Marsh for Scottish singer songwriter Dean Owens’ own independent label. Also using the exotic birds name for the label, Mot-Mot.


October 25, 2013

Riff Raff

Reactor intern and long time longboarder, Benji Andringa has been on a cross Canada camping trip. He staying in Banff for the winter. Before he left, he spent some time working with Lunar Caustic Press and created this little letterpress book of his illustrations and design work.

Riff Raff by Benji Andringa

Riff Raff by Benji Andringa

Riff Raff by Benji Andringa

Riff Raff by Benji Andringa


October 24, 2013

Pencil in Halloween

Artwork by Steven Guarnaccia.


October 23, 2013

Bill Russell’s Alberta Performance this Friday

This Friday night, Bill Russell will be in performance at the Shell Theatre in Ft. Saskatchewan, Alberta with musician Brian Gore. It’s called Your Town in Song and Image and will feature his animation and live digital drawing.

Here’s a nice article about the show in the Fort Saskatchewan Record.

Visit for more info.

…and here’s the new video:

October 21, 2013

Sylvie Thamsir yellow dog