Manitoulin Summer 2011

August 12, 2011

This summer, Bill Russell travelled with a crew from Reactor to Manitoulin Island.

Here’s Bill’s visual diary (PDF) and some prose:

Manitoulin 2011

Bill leads lost children through the wilderness

He drives us through lines of trees on a dusty back road through heat and time. In my gut sits a lump of Dave and Brenda’s whitefish and chips. We stop for supplies at the Foodland and watch Ojiybway carting sodas into a truck. Where do you find First Nations beaded moccasins not made in China? Maybe the hardware store sells ’em besides hunting liscences, fishing lures and DEET. After a look down into the dolomite alvar, we’re off cruising past deep yellow Canola fields under a bright blue sky. Just give me a butter tart, a paddle and more homegrown and set me downstream.

Maurice gets tweeted.

August 11, 2011




Vacation for Two

August 10, 2011

Artwork by Stephanie Power for Today’s Parent Magazine about Parents going on Vacation alone.

todays parent vacation '10

Anyone can go to the Island……Island Soda

August 8, 2011

Bob Fortier created artwork for these Island Soda ads.

islandsoda_metro_limbo islandsoda_metro_office

Flare Magazine Feature

August 5, 2011

Maurice Vellekoop created artwork for Flare Magazine about Canadian Fashion Icons.

August 4, 2011


It is the sweet life.

August 3, 2011

These paintings were inspired by a summer trip to Italy.

At the beach, brightly coloured stripes decorate the cabanas and the

umbrellas and are a wonderful graphic backdrop to beautiful bronze


The Italian women like to gossip at the beach while they take in the


topless lady with stripes smallDSC_9333

nude lady on the beach2 smallDSC_9358

Long Weekend at the cottage

August 2, 2011