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Idea Exchange Collection Exhibition – Select Works with a Twist

‘Select Works with a Twist’ opens today at the Idea Exchange in Cambridge. The collection exhibition features 17 rugs by artists and illustrators represented by Reactor Art and Design, as well as nine limited edition tapestries designed by famous 20th century artists.

Featuring the work of Fernand Léger, Max Ernst, Jean (Hans) Arp, Joan Miro, Alexander Calder, Victor Vasarely, Andy Warhol, Barbara Klunder, Rene Zamic, Jeff Jackson, Maurice Vellekoop, Jamie Bennett, James Marsh, and Steven Guarnaccia.

Curated by Esther E. Shipman.

January 16 – February 5, 2017
Idea Exchange Art + Design | Design at Riverside Gallery
7 Melville Street S., Cambridge, ON
Opening Reception: Wednesday, January 18, 7:00pm

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January 16, 2017

Barbara Klunder at Textile Museum of Canada

Be sure to look for Barbara’s “Laura Secord” rug at the show!

September 17, 2015

Moving Carvings

Steve Dunk’s wood carvings in a little stop-motion, animated gif.

November 22, 2012

Grow, Mo, Grow!

Regularly bearded Steve Dunk, bares his chin to participate in Movember. He has also designed and printed a limited edition, letterpress poster to give to donors. Donate $10 or more to Steve or his team-members, Jordan and Brad, and you’ll get yourself one of these posters, before the end of November, while they last.

Steve Dunk Stache Poster

Mov1SteveDunkSm Mov7SteveDunkSm Mov15SteveDunkSm Mov21SteveDunkSm

November 23, 2011


A few of Carolyn Gowdy’s etchings can be found in “Images 34, Best of British Illustration 2010”. They are featured, along with her set designs for ‘The State We’re In’. The show continues Sept. 7-11, London College of Communication, SE1, and then tours until August  2011.

  • 'To You' 'The Real Thing' 'To You', 'The Real Thing' Framed artwork 'To You', 'The Real Thing'
September 10, 2010