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March 17, 2015

An Elf’s Work…

Season’s Greetings to all, especially the hard workers!


December 24, 2013

Kristine Schmitt and her Special Powers

Steve Dunk hand-lettered and printed items for Toronto based musician Kristine Schmitt, and her band the Special Powers. Business cards, a demo disc cover, small posters and handbills were used for promotion at this year’s Folk Music Ontario Conference. The conference is the key event for Ontario’s folk, roots, and traditional music community.

Steve also designed artwork for a stamp that was used to label the disks, and an ad promoting show times for the conference program.

Covers and cards letterpress printed with the help of Lunar Caustic Press.




October 28, 2013

Riff Raff

Reactor intern and long time longboarder, Benji Andringa has been on a cross Canada camping trip. He staying in Banff for the winter. Before he left, he spent some time working with Lunar Caustic Press and created this little letterpress book of his illustrations and design work.

Riff Raff by Benji Andringa

Riff Raff by Benji Andringa

Riff Raff by Benji Andringa

Riff Raff by Benji Andringa


October 24, 2013

Callin’ Cards

Steve Dunk designed a set of calling cards for The Innards Brothers. The “Brothers”, Tom and Tony, are a Toronto duo that play old-time, toe-tappin’, fiddle and guitar music. Letterpress printed with the help of Lunar Caustic Press.


September 9, 2013

The Woodshed Orchestra & Laura Repo at Hugh’s Room

Steve Dunk designs a hand-lettered poster for The Woodshed Orchestra and Laura Repo‘s show at Hugh’s Room.

The Woodshed Orchestra and Laura Repo


August 29, 2012

Talent, Beauty, Jazz, Vinyl, Custom Type, and Letterpress!

Steve Dunk designs and prints an LP Sleeve for Alex Pangman‘s limited edition release of ’33’. Letterpress printed with the help of Lunar Caustic Press.

June 1, 2012

Steve Dunk is a Juno Nominee

Laura Repo‘s new album, Get Yourself Home, has been nominated for Recording Package of the Year. Steve Dunk provided custom type for the album title and track listing. Design by the Production Kitchen. See more samples on their website here, and in this previous post on the reactor blog.

2012_JUNO_AWARD_NOMINEE LauraRepo_Front LauraRepo_Back


Jannie McInnes (Art Director), Robyn Kotyk, Graydon Sheppard, Sammy Rawal, Petra Cuschieri (Designers), Heather Goodchild (Illustrator) Arts&Crafts*EMI
Metals, FEIST
Jayme Spinks (Designer/Photographer), Paul Jerinkitsch (Imaging) Dinah Thorpe (Collaborator) Independent
Jeff Harrison (Designer), Kim Ridgewell (Illustrator) Nineteen- Eight*Independent
Rest of the Story – CHRIS TARRY
Kirsten Gauthier, Anthony Swaneveld (Art Directors), Anthony Swaneveld (Designer),
Steve Dunk
(Illustrator – Font), Janet Kimber (Photographer) Independent
Get Yourself Home LAURA REPO
Taylor Kirk (Art Director/Photographer), Robyn Kotyk (Designer), Nina Nielsen (Photographer) Arts & Crafts*EMI
Creep On Creepin’ On TIMBER TIMBRE
February 9, 2012

Grow, Mo, Grow!

Regularly bearded Steve Dunk, bares his chin to participate in Movember. He has also designed and printed a limited edition, letterpress poster to give to donors. Donate $10 or more to Steve or his team-members, Jordan and Brad, and you’ll get yourself one of these posters, before the end of November, while they last.

Steve Dunk Stache Poster

Mov1SteveDunkSm Mov7SteveDunkSm Mov15SteveDunkSm Mov21SteveDunkSm

November 23, 2011

Laura Repo’s Monthly Gig

Steve Dunk designs a hand-lettered poster for Laura Repo‘s monthly show at Naco Gallery.

Laura Repo Naco Poster

September 30, 2011