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The Three Little Pigs, an Architectural Tale by Steven Guarnaccia




June 19, 2012

Maurice Vellekoop gets interviewed on his Comics

June 13, 2012

Paper fold book making by Henrik Drescher


June 12, 2012

Portrait by Tomio Nitto

June 11, 2012

Holly MacNarland used Jamie Bennett’s painting for her awesome new cd, check out her site


June 5, 2012

Global Brief #10

Global Brief #10 is coming soon to select newsstands in Canada and the US.
For an online preview, go to:

Design & art direction by Louis Fishauf / Illustrations by Dan Page, Christian Northeast, Jeffrey Fisher, Keith Negley, Dusan Petricic, Noah Woods, Alëna Skarina and Harry Campbell.

June 4, 2012

Talent, Beauty, Jazz, Vinyl, Custom Type, and Letterpress!

Steve Dunk designs and prints an LP Sleeve for Alex Pangman‘s limited edition release of ’33’. Letterpress printed with the help of Lunar Caustic Press.

June 1, 2012